Daily Archives: December 26, 2012

What artists do with too much time on their hands

OK, I had six days off for the holidays and spent quite a bit out in my studio.  Escape from…or escape to….I won’t even go there.  Anyway, some time spent nurturing my creative self.  A little tea, a lot of lively music.  (NO Christmas carols!)

I’ve had this little pumpkin hanging around since before Halloween.  I just love the stem of it.  This is an 11×14, oil on canvas.  Painted in about three hours.

Pumpkin, 11x14 oil on canvas

Pumpkin, 11×14 oil on canvas











I was also able to spend a few days creating this blue and yellow still life.  Check out my Art pages for a complete step-by-step or click on the link below the painting.

Still life, blue bottles and lemons, final.  18x24 oil on canvas

Still life, blue bottles and lemons, final. 18×24 oil on canvas











Christmas in the artist’s life

The holidays are often a busy time for artists.  Although I don’t seek out the sales that I used to – I’m too busy with my day job – I still get busy around Christmas time.  I sold Dos Palomas which was exhibited in a small, local exhibit.  That was a nice surprise and the person who bought it was totally smitten with it.  I’m so glad she has it.

Last month I received a call out of the blue from someone asking if I’m the Kit Miracle who does house portraits.  Yes, but I don’t do many any more.  I really don’t have the time.  As an aside, this used to be a big part of my bread and butter painting business.  I’ve done a lot of house portraits!  So the lady who was interested in one more house portrait was a client for whom I’ve done four others in the past.  She wanted the final one to be by the same artist in the same style.  So….I agreed.  This was a simple watercolor with pen and ink overlay.  See the photo and the details.

Watercolor house portrait with pen and ink overlay

Watercolor house portrait with pen and ink overlay

House portrait detail

House portrait detail

Small Christmas paintings, w/c - pen and ink, painted in multiples

Small Christmas paintings, w/c – pen and ink, painted in multiples

This year I also decided to create some small paintings as Christmas gifts to my staff.  I used to do these a lot, also.  They are 4×6.  Although they’re all hand-painted, I do them in sets of four.  It’s more efficient that way.

Framed mini paintings

Framed mini paintings

Painted child's sneakers

Painted child’s sneakers

Finally, I decided that my granddaughter needed some hand-painted shoes.  These are just cheap canvas sneakers with dinosaurs, dancing lady bugs, butterflies and flowers.  She’ll outgrow them before the paint wears off.

 All in all, it was a very merry Christmas!