What artists do with too much time on their hands

OK, I had six days off for the holidays and spent quite a bit out in my studio.  Escape from…or escape to….I won’t even go there.  Anyway, some time spent nurturing my creative self.  A little tea, a lot of lively music.  (NO Christmas carols!)

I’ve had this little pumpkin hanging around since before Halloween.  I just love the stem of it.  This is an 11×14, oil on canvas.  Painted in about three hours.

Pumpkin, 11x14 oil on canvas

Pumpkin, 11×14 oil on canvas











I was also able to spend a few days creating this blue and yellow still life.  Check out my Art pages for a complete step-by-step or click on the link below the painting.

Still life, blue bottles and lemons, final.  18x24 oil on canvas

Still life, blue bottles and lemons, final. 18×24 oil on canvas











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