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Grand Canyon – Moran Point

Grand Canyon Moran Point - Final  18 x 24 oil on canvas

Grand Canyon Moran Point – Final 18 x 24 oil on canvas

I visited the Grand Canyon last month for the first time and fell in love with the place.  I could paint there for a hundred years and still not run out of subject matter.  What I loved most…and which was most challenging to me as a painter…is how the view changes constantly, depending upon the time of day and weather.

This demonstration is from the famous Moran Point, named after Thomas Moran.  I sat under this tree and painted a nice little watercolor but the actual painting was completed in the studio.  For once, not on a toned canvas.  Check out the demo at the link below.

A birdseye view

My apologies for not posting much recently. I’ve been traveling for three out of the past four weeks. But…have much material for painting so that is encouraging.

As I was flying home from Austin, TX last weekend, my plane happened to go over my own house! This is the first time that has happened. Living here in rural southern Indiana, it was a real treat to see the area from the air…and humbling. Lake Patoka looks so small…and it’s over 9,000 acres! I’ve circled our farm on here. We all look so small from that altitude. And it makes me think that our petty squabbles are small, too.

View of our farm from the air

View of our farm from the air