Plein air at Monkey Hollow Winery

Monkey Hollow Winery – chosen view

I went out to Monkey Hollow Winery this morning as a group excursion with Runaway Artists (  The day was cool which was a welcome relief after the scorching summer.  There were many great views to choose from but after a quick walk around, this is the one that I finally selected.


After I made my selection, I always do a small  preliminary sketch.  This helps me to focus on the composition and layout, the darks and lights, and what to leave in and leave out.


   This is the second set with major color blocked in.  In this photo you can still see much of the undertone for the canvas.

This is the final stage in the field.  I will take the painting back to my studio to study the value contrasts and add final details.

Monkey Hollow, last stage in the field.

After I got the painting back to the studio, I did some final tweaking. If you look closely, you can see some of the undertone peeking through in spots which adds an overall liveliness to the painting.



Final painting, last touches put on in the studio.

Monkey Hollow Winery

Monkey Hollow Winery, 11 x 14 oil

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