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Lucky Red #5 – Red Robe / Black Dragon

Lucky Red #5, Red Robe / Black Dragon, acrylic on canvas, good luck symbols, 20 x 16, Kit Miracle

This is the fifth painting in my Lucky Red series.  There are many symbols of power and good fortune in this set up.  The still life arrangement is a little unusual but I’ve been wanting to work the red satin robe into a painting for quite some time.  I love the way it glows.  Red is the sign of strength and power.

An unusual composition, the red satin robe brings all the elements together in this Lucky Red still life.

I can’t recall where I acquired the black iron dragon but it usually guards my desk. Another symbol of strength and power, it can also represent danger.  Hummm…  The cluster of white/clear quartz crystals is a new acquisition from a neat rock shop that I visit sometimes.  They’re all just so beautiful.  This crystal is from the Arkansas quarry which apparently is in a vein of 170 miles long!  Quartz is a very hard crystal and is supposed to amplify the powers of other crystals, especially healing.  The mandarin oranges represent good fortune and the sun and are often given as gifts for the new year.

I can’t vouch for the veracity of the good fortune that any of these items will bring, but I love to create still lifes that are a little beyond just pretty pictures.  This series of Lucky Red still lifes all feature good luck symbols and the color red at least somewhere in the painting.

This painting is a vertical view, the first such arrangement in the series.  Painted in a contemporary impressionistic style, it brings peaceful contemplation to the viewer.

Lucky Red #5 detail 2, showing the various shades of orangey-red in the robe. Very difficult to capture on the computer monitor.

Lucky Red #5 detail showing the black iron dragon, quartz crystals and mandarin oranges

Digital frustration

Lucky Red # 3

Lucky Red # 3

I posted some photos of some sunflower paintings that I created the past few months.  My intention was to create 12 paintings for a calendar.  So I decided to revive my old Cafe Press account (http://www.cafepress.com/kitmiracle).  It was so frustrating.  Nothing seems to be intuitive or logical with Cafe Press. (And I have managed blogs and websites for over 20 years now so I’m not exactly a rookie.) They have so many pages and subpages, often with different instructions.  For practice, I decided to upload my Lucky Red #3 dragon design and create a few products with that image.  More frustration.  Anyway, the page is updated…sort of.  And I’ve got several of the dragon design items for sale.  Unfortunately, Cafe Press offers 250 different items.  Sheesh!  If you don’t see the item you want with the dragon design, just let me know and I’ll create it and get it up there.

Meanwhile, back to the sunflowers….