Digital frustration

Lucky Red # 3

Lucky Red # 3

I posted some photos of some sunflower paintings that I created the past few months.  My intention was to create 12 paintings for a calendar.  So I decided to revive my old Cafe Press account (  It was so frustrating.  Nothing seems to be intuitive or logical with Cafe Press. (And I have managed blogs and websites for over 20 years now so I’m not exactly a rookie.) They have so many pages and subpages, often with different instructions.  For practice, I decided to upload my Lucky Red #3 dragon design and create a few products with that image.  More frustration.  Anyway, the page is updated…sort of.  And I’ve got several of the dragon design items for sale.  Unfortunately, Cafe Press offers 250 different items.  Sheesh!  If you don’t see the item you want with the dragon design, just let me know and I’ll create it and get it up there.

Meanwhile, back to the sunflowers….


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