Fall Scene with Bridge

Fall Scene with Bridge, acrylic on canvas board, 12 x 16, Kit Miracle

I love to drive around on the roads in this part of the country.  Especially this time of year, the trees are golden and a multitude of other colors.  Just looking at the scenery makes my heart sing.

This is a little one lane bridge in my county.  My son commented the other day that it’s amazing that up close, impressionistic painting looks just like a bunch of fuzzy blobs, but step back a few feet, and the whole scene looks realistic and inviting.

I couldn’t agree more.  It’s all an optical illusion.

2 responses to “Fall Scene with Bridge

  1. When I began learning art, the most important thing I learned was that art is an illusion. Understanding that helped me so much. I love the beautiful illusion you’ve created with your shapes and colors here. 🙂


    • Thank you, Judith. All realistic painting is an optical illusion. Fooling the eye and the brain into thinking that something is really real when it’s actually just strokes of paint on a flat surface.

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