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To give or not to give – that is the question

All artists at some time are faced with the question of whether they should give their artwork to someone or not.  Yes, I know, the work just seems to accumulate, doesn’t it?  So we look around, oh, Aunt Sally would love that painting.  Maybe…maybe not.

I will admit to have given away many paintings over the years although not recently.  Currently I wait until someone has actually expressed an interest in my work.  And I don’t easily part with my show-stoppers as gifts unless they have been hanging around for a while.  Artwork is such a personal thing that I don’t want to burden my friends and relatives with some unwanted artwork, especially if I’m giving it to them in person.  Remember that too polite, “Oh, isn’t that…special.”  NOT!

So, if you are thinking about gifting someone with your personal creations this holiday season, I have the following recommendations.

  • Make sure that that they really have expressed interest.
  • Look around their homes to see that what you plan to give them actually fits in with their style.
  • Ask yourself if you’re just being cheap or if you believe they would really welcome a piece of artwork from you.
  • Is it a quality product?  Would you be proud to display it in your own home?
  • Perhaps you could exchange some work with a friend whose work might be better appreciated by the recipient?  How about a painting for a piece of pottery or some sculpture?  Or your realistic work for something more modern or abstract?

These are just a few suggestions.  I am not gifting anyone my artwork this year except these stocking stuffers.  I call them “portable art”, which are really mini paintings on cedar.  A realistic painting on one side and an abstract on the other.  Since they’re cedar, they can be tossed in a sweater drawer if the recipient really doesn’t care for them.

Portable artwork - mini-paintings on cedar blocks

Portable artwork – mini-paintings on cedar blocks