Fickle Spring

Golden sunrise after the storm

I don’t know how the weather is where you are but this past week here in Southern Indiana, it’s been all over the place.  A week ago the temperature was up to 82 per the weather app on my phone. In February! Yesterday, Saturday, it was a chilly 30 degrees with frost on the car windows.  Friday we had four inches of rain resulting in the creek bursting out of its banks and over the driveway, storms, winds up to 60 mph, and a tornado warning sending us to the basement for a bit. 

The creek flooding out of its banks and over the drive.

The reason we moved here 35 years ago (after ten years in Michigan) was that the winters here were relatively mild (jacket weather) and the summers were endurable.  But the past couple of years have been hotter or wetter or just plain off schedule.  I’ve counted the tree rings in old trees and could see the drought of the 30s (thinner rings).  Maybe it’s climate change; maybe this is a normal cycle. 

The tallest cedar. Son and grandson for scale.

Spring still seems to arrive on her own schedule.  Last week we went for a walk in the woods to find the tallest cedar.  We did.  I also spotted this tiny orange fungi. And some odd-looking bumps on a sycamore tree.  I have no idea what that is.

The crocuses are still pushing up, often in odd places where I know I didn’t plant them.  Can they travel?  The tulips are still emerging but seem to be on the wane, most likely due to deer and rabbits.  Several types of daffodils are blooming despite what Mother Nature is throwing at them.  The frost doesn’t seem to affect them at all.  Even the pulmonaria is pushing up.  The buds are swelling on bushes and trees.  We seem to be about three weeks ahead of normal…and I’m not ready for spring yet.

I was outside early yesterday morning to take photos of the golden frosty sunrise.  In my robe and boots again.  Thankfully we have no near neighbors as I’m sure I was an eyeful.

But I always look forward to spring’s promise no matter how fickle she is.  Just no more tornado warnings, please.

4 responses to “Fickle Spring

  1. Beautiful!!!!!!! For me it’s like looking through a magazine……You are so lucky you live right there. Your farm life is a new adventure everyday XO

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  2. Reading your post made me so nostalgic. I am the 96 year old Crawford County person who wanted a picture of the Eckerty overhead bridge (since torn down). Seeing your creek reminded me of when we lived on a small farm with Riceville Creek crossing our farm. It was beautiful with rocks, small falls and the sound of running water. At one point, the creek crossed the road..a road we took to school. When we had a hard rain and my two sisters and I were coming home from school, my Dad would be on the other side of the road with galoshes for my sisters. He would carry me across and my sisters walked; one holding his hand and also my other sister’s hand. Our house and contents totally burned down in 1936 when I was ten and we moved to Eckerty. I kept five acres (with the creek running through) for many years. My husband and I would take a lunch, sit on the creek bank, enjoy the water sounds and surrounding beauty. I live in Evansville in an independent living facility with all those memories still intact. Thank you for all your posts that keep bringing back those memories. Dawn Priest

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    • Hello, Dawn. So nice to hear from you and I’m glad that I can bring back some good memories. We’ve just gotten used to the creek situation over the years. It doesn’t overrun its banks often but when it does, the water goes down quickly. Spring and fall are truly the most beautiful times in the country. I’m sure you’d agree. Take care of yourself and keep writing. I love hearing from you.


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