Gallery show, update

Kit Miracle at the J. Michael Dunn Gallery at Oakland City University, Oakland City, Indiana.

I took a drive over to Oakland City University today to see my newly-hung show at the J. Michael Dunn Gallery.  I’ll admit, it’s been a long time since I’ve had enough work to show at a solo show.  However, in the past few years I have been able to devote more time to painting and creating.

Most artists understand how amazing it is to walk into a gallery and see your work on display, especially if there are several years’ worth of work.  But to see everything out of storage and out of boxes and hung all together…well, it’s just a bit overwhelming.

I’ve posted photos of individual paintings over the past few years but I really haven’t seen the whole body of work in one place.  The first thing that struck me is the color.  I like color and it shows.

Then there’s the subject matter.   Still lifes, landscapes, portraits.  It’s all meaningful to me but I’m not sure it is to anyone else.  Nevertheless, I love seeing the work hung as a group.

The show runs from August 13th through September 28th.  The public reception and gallery talk is scheduled for Sunday, September 9th from 2 to 5 CST.  The gallery hours are M-F 10 to 5, weekends by appointment.  Check it out. Come on out for the reception or just to view the work.

Kit Miracle, gallery show 2

Gallery show-3, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 4, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 5, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 6, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 7, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 8, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 9, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 10, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 11, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 13, Kit Miracle

Gallery show 13, Kit Miracle

4 responses to “Gallery show, update

  1. That is an amazing amount of work and very beautiful. I enjoy your postings and look forward to everyone. I am a 92 year old from Crawford County that I love. Our house burned in 1936 when I was 10. It was located between Birdseye and Eckerty (two miles from Birdseye and three miles from Eckerty). We moved to Eckerty and I came to Evansville in 1943 right out of high school.

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    • Thanks, Dawn. That is so cool that you lived in this area. We live on the old Simon and Cora Limp place which you probably knew in your time in the neighborhood. It’s a beautiful area.


  2. Impressive! What a gift. Just finished reading “The Swan Thieves,” a novel based on a woman plein air painter…I learned a lot, and think you would enjoy it, as an artist yourself.

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    • Thanks, Carolee. I was surprised myself when I saw all the work hung together. I’ve already located The Swan Thieves at the library and will be checking it out soon. Thanks for the recommendation.