What a difference a week makes

We returned from vacation last Monday and have been playing catch-up in the garden this week.  Apparently we had seven inches of rain while we were gone for ten days.

The main garden, about 40 x 60.  June 7th before we left.

Here is a photo of the garden right before we left.

The garden on June 21st. Quite a difference, eh?

And here are a couple of  photos of the garden after we returned.  After it’s been hoed and weeded, of course.  Corn at least two or three feet taller.  Everything else coming along.  Already harvested squash and peas.  Lots more to come.


2 responses to “What a difference a week makes

  1. Hope your vacation was terrific. The garden looks wonderful.


    • Thanks, Carolee. Nothing compared to yours but still happy with it. It will be a different story in about a month when I’ll be complaining about never-ending green beans and tomatoes and squash.