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Spring flowers

June Roses by the Woodshed, 12x16, oil on canvas, Kit Miracle

June Roses by the Woodshed, 12×16, oil on canvas, Kit Miracle

Spring flowers are almost a cliche.  It’s difficult to paint them without getting too saccharine.  But that is why we love them, isn’t it?  Part of my spring busyness, as mentioned in an earlier post, is that I get carried away when I’m at the nursery.  I always buy too much and then have to plant everything.  This particular flowerbed is out by our woodshed and is probably the oldest one on the property.  I think the rock wall was actually a base for a chicken coop, if I remember correctly what the former owner told us.  The yucca and the weigila were already there but I’ve planted everything else.  It’s always a fight between me and the wild critters who have eaten plenty of expensive perennials over the years.  Since this flowerbed is furthest from the house, it generally gets the least attention so the plants have to be pretty hardy.

I painted this 12 x 16 oil yesterday morning.  I love the strathing light.  There was a nice breeze and low humidity so it was a pleasure to be at the easel again.