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Fur Boy

Leo the Cat has been featured in several previous posts.  He’s not quite two and already rules the roost.  Cats just seem to have that way about them.  A little aloof, except around dinner time.  Then it’s all affection, rubbing around the ankles, sweet little meows. 

So manipulative.  And it works for them. 

Unlike the dog who is always happy for the tiniest bit of attention.  Please rub my belly.

This is a quick sketch of Leo sleeping in his favorite chair.  He looks so uncomfortable but can stay in that chair for hours.  And does.

Like most of our pets, cars, trucks, etc., everything around here has a nickname.  Leo is frequently called Fur Boy, as in, Have you seen Fur Boy lately? Or Did anyone feed Fur Boy today?  Well, the latter never comes up as he has a built in clock and will come and give you the Look until his food bowl is attended.

Interestingly, I recently came across the novel The Fur Person by May Sarton.  I had never heard of it before.  It is a short treatise about her cat.  Written from the point of view of the cat.  And illustrated by a friend.

I did not have a hard copy but was able to use the library’s electronic lending program to borrow it.  Very amusing.  By the way, if you have not checked out your own library’s electronic lending system, I heartily encourage you to do so.  It’s amazing what they have available to rent….for FREE!

Pet menagerie

This post is about our menagerie of pets currently residing on the home place.  We’ve had several dogs, a few cats, and now a feathered friend.  Two of the pets arrived this year.

Cheeky the parakeet loves to have his cage rolled outdoors on nice days. In the shade, of course.

First there was the addition of Cheeky the parakeet.  This is the first time that we’ve had an indoor bird so a bit different from the flocks of chickens we’ve had.  Cheeky loves to have his cage rolled out onto the back porch where he can survey the yard.  He gets excited when he sees other birds but otherwise seems happy.  He particularly likes to have some grass and clover added to his feed.  And when he gets going, he gives the most interesting concert of warbles and chirps.

Leo at a few weeks old. Ready for adventure.

Leo begging to sit in my lap while I paint. Not happening. But look at those eyes!

Leo taking a cat nap in my studio, right under my easel.

Leo the cat is our newest addition in June.  I wasn’t prepared to have another cat after our old one died at the ripe old age of twenty-two.  But, well, he was really cute.  Leo has become a “mom” cat as he follows me wherever I go.  He particularly likes hanging around in my studio.  We initially had some disagreements on what he could climb on and what was off limits.  Some firm scolding and a squirt bottle seems to have solved that problem.

Mikey the border collie. I can hardly take a picture outdoors without him photo bombing it. At least a tail or head or something.

Mikey in his favorite chair on the patio. Doesn’t look comfortable to me but he likes it.

Finally, there is Mikey the dog.  Border collie to be more precise.  This is our second border collie.  They are very smart dogs but have really strong personalities.  They like to herd everything, including when I push the wheelbarrow around the yard.  He also photo bombs nearly every single outdoor photo that I take.  How does he know?  Mikey is a great guard dog.  His job this time of year is keeping the raccoons out of the corn patch.

So, that’s our pet family.  Not about art although I predict they will appear in some future paintings.  Mikey already has.